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(Nikkei Technology Online) An article related to flexible electronic circuit and display research of Yamagata University, titled "Materials for organic semiconductor opening the way to all printing" was released.

Prof Shizuo TOKITO, had a key note lecture "Flexible and Printed Organic Electronics Overview of Printable Materials, OTFT Devices, and Applications" at conference "The 7th Flexible and printed Electronics Korea" on Sepetember 22 (Thursday).

Prof Shizuo TOKITO, had a lecture "Newly Developed Printing Technologies for 3D Printed Electronics" at conference "IS&T’s 32nd International Conference on Printing for Fabrication 2016 (NIP32)" (September 12~16, 2016, Manchester, United Kingdom) as a guest speaker.

Konami IZUMI, an industry-academia association professor, won "MES 2015 Best Paper Prize".

Tsukuru MINAMIKI, a 3rd-year doctoral student and Ryo SUGANO, a 2nd-year doctoral student (Tokito/Kumaki/Matsui Lab) won "Student Poster Award" at 2016ICFPE.

A 2nd-year doctoral student (Tokito/Kumaki/Matsui Lab), Ryo SUGANO's paper "Ultrathin flexible memory devices based on organic ferroelectric transistors" has been published on Japanese Journal of Applied Physics .

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(Yamagata News Online) An article titled "The International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) started at Yonezawa campus on September 6" was released.

Prof Shizuo TOKITO, had a key note lecture "Technology Platform for Biosensors Based on Organic FET Devices"、"Flexible and Printed Organic Transistors and Applications" at conference "IEEE NANO 2016" (August 22~25, Sendai).

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(Seikyo) An article related to Association Prof Daisuke KUMAKI, executive vice-president of university-originated venture company "Future Ink", titled "Printing ultraslim type electronic circuit" was released.
【Event for middle school student】 An event "Make favorite jelly sweets using 3D printer -Hirameki☆Tokimeki Science-" produced by Furukawa lab will be held at Yonezawa Station on July, 23.
【Event for middle school student】 An event "Hirameki☆Tokimeki Science" produced by Kido lab will be held on August, 4.
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