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Facility Guide

Frontier Center for Organic Materials (FROM) is an international science innovation center promoting integration from different research fields and cooperation with industry, government and university under one roof. This building is aiming to create a new integrated field "Organic System", propel the fundamental material research to industrialization, form world's first international research center and drive regional revitalization. Researchers from various fields like organic materials, device, printing process, biotechnology and design system will move into this institution where is expected to be a communication space, especially the "Future Center" in the 2nd floor, to accelerate interaction of people without limitation of industry, university and research fields.


Steel Frames, 7 stories

Floor Area:


Facilities and Equipment

1) Clean Room (1st Floor)
 Cleanliness Factor: 1,000 and 10,000
 Clean room floor area: 350㎡
2) Future Center (2nd Floor)
 Projector, Poster bulletin board, White board
 Projector (300 inch), Chairs (150 sets)
 Exhibition Corner
 Digital signage, Exhibition booth
 VR Studio
 Immersive and many-sided stereoscopic vision system
3) Research Fellow Office (3rd Floor ~ 7th Floor)
 Total 30 rooms (15m2/room)
 (*There are 6 rooms on each floor for the collaborators.)
4) Laboratory (3rd Floor ~ 7th Floor)
 Laboratory on each floor has an area around 720㎡
5) Equipment
 High-resolution and high-precision image forming system
 Roll-to-roll printer for bio-sensing devices
 High-precision test printing system
 Nano imprinter Lithography
 Immersive and many-sided stereoscopic vision system (CAVE)
 Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometer: TOF-SIMS
 OPV deposition system
 Vapor deposition system for combinatorial deposition
 (*A part of the equipment above will be used in common.)

Floor Guide