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Facilities Use

We provide some facilities and research rooms for the people both inside and outside of the university.

Rentable Facilities

Conference Hall (MIRAI Hall), Lounge, VR Studio in the 2nd floor

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Research Room

Research rooms (including office and laboratory) in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th floor can be rented for short term or long term.

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Rentable Facilities Summary

  Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, O-bon festival and New Year's holiday
  8:30 ? 17:00
【Rental Fee】
 The rental fee has 4 options depending on the period (April to November or December to March)
and the hours (4 hours or 8 hours). (Price List*)
 *The price list is only for reference. After the application has been submitted, facility management and account
department will inform you the final prize after a simple examination.

【How to apply】


1. Do not use any other facilities without permission.
2. Please confirm the rule of each facility before using.
3. Eating and drinking are prohibited in general except some conferences including gathering party with permission.
4. Please make an inquiry before using tape or drawing bin for sticking placard or poster on wall, pillar, window or door.
5. Please inform the attendees there are not enough parking spaces and recommend to use public transport.
6. Smoking is prohibited in the campus except designated smoking area.
7. Please make everything in the facility back to its original condition and take out the garbage before leaving.

*Yamagata University Detailed Regulation for Rentable Facilities (PDF file)

Research Room Summary

Office Room Outline

【How to apply】